About Us

Flannel Travels and Tours is one of the world leading companies in the tourism industry with proven expertise, commitment, efficiency, and professionalism. Our vast knowledge has enabled us to maintain a strong cultural superiority and team work which has been an important factor of the Company's growth over the years.
Our services to our customers are second to none! One of our major goals is to build a culture of excellence in collaboration with like-minded institutions around the world through our commitment to add new dimensions to Travel and Tourism industry.

If you need further information, please feel free to get in touch with us for cheap and customized services. Our ultimate desire is to give you everything you expect from the masters in the business.

Our Services

Group Tour

Flannel Travels and Tours organizes and delivers highly exciting tour packages for group travelers to and from any part of the world...read more

America & Canada

Flannel Travels and Tours offer holiday package for Individuals and Corporate Organizations. When looking forward to a unique and memorable holiday, our range of efficient...read more

Car Hire Services

If you said yes, then you have come to the right place! Welcome to Flannel Travels and Tours, your online source for finding a car rental at the best rates that you so much desire...read more

Hotel Reservation

At Flannel Travels and Tours, we offer our clients unique assistance when it comes to reviewing, selecting, and making the best hotel reservations that meet our clients' budget, leisure, or business considerations...read more